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ToGather: Island is now available as an Early Access title on Steam.

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Do try the demo available here. :)

You just woke up from a life support machine connected to a strange set of advanced machinery. Confused, you started to wander around following the words of a holographic guide called Taming Lang. Welcome to the mysterious archipelago of Isle of Genesis. You are required to survive and explore the many islands while overcoming the various problems and tasks you might encounter.

Iron pickaxeThe mallet

ToGather: Island is a survival adventure simulation game and one of the basics of many survival simulators is making sure you are well fed and don't die from hunger. There are many kinds of food resources available throughout the islands. You can forage mushrooms and fruits, go fishing, hunt for meat and cultivate the land from the various seeds you can find scattered all around the island.

Another core aspect to this game is the ‘Research’ mechanics. Your character can materialize a strange mallet that can breakdown the components of basic materials to identify them and unlock additional information from its library. Basically the players can perform the research function on the surrounding materials to unlock new blueprints for the player to craft. For example, by researching a stone and a stick you will be able to craft a stone axe or a stone knife.

Crafting will be crucial in ensuring your survival. Player can craft various tools and build structures in the game. Obtain blueprints from your research and gather the required materials to craft your intended creation. you can craft an axe to cut down trees, build a hut, so you can rest and recover your stamina or build a campfire to cook your food resources. As you go deeper in the game, you will eventually unlock the higher tier blueprints and build all sorts of wonder.

Your golem companion!

Of course, as the title states, you will be surviving ‘ToGather’ with a companion. You will be accompanied by a peculiar mechanical golem that plays an important role in the story. Taking care of your golem might not be a walk in the park’. Despite beautiful scenery, danger lurks in the surrounding islands. Berserk mechanical golems and other territorial creatures are there to make your life a disaster. Take good care of your golem and it will grow into a reliable companion and “ToGather” survive in the face of danger.


We can’t wait to see how our players use their creativity and wit to survive the mysterious archipelago in ToGather: Island!


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Hi guys! Here's my suggestion for the game. Don't have to take this seriously, just a suggestion. Btw, this is for mouse & keyboard perspective.

- Arrow keys <- & -> not binding with A & D keys.
- Create new button (Save All) instead press 'E' to apply.
- Change 'B' key to 'ESC' (Back/Exit)

Controller View
- Press any key to close dialogue instead 'E' only

- Insert Balloon tips(Tutorial) as we roaming around / Disable movement until player follow the instructions.
- Display arrow on where to go first/quest navigation.
- Near item, popup 'key icon' (Keyboard Key; E/I/C icons) for pc (just like Joystick).
- For dialogue modal, use graphics icon more to represent something instead of texts (Fast catch-up).
- Make mouse can click button ui as well.
- When research complete dialogue appears, auto close the dialog for 4-5 seconds instead pressing the button to close all the popup.
- Speedup the free mouse look / hold 'shift' to enable free mouse look.
- INVENTORY : show key icon for pc to navigate tabs left and right. (Z & X key icon)
- INVENTORY : press ENTER to select / assign automatically (or make hint box : What button to press to use it).
- Auto lock/look when mining/attack nearby enemies.
- Alert popup dialogue when hungry meter low (or popup hint on 'what to do' to refill the meter).
- Slow down the movement/cannot run fast when hungry meter low.
- Make AI unaware of player approaching when AI facing backward from player so that they cannot running away.
- BUG : AI(crab) sometimes disappear/gone instantly while chasing.

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How do I run this game on my laptop. My machine have Windows 10 x64 Pro. My problem is when I tried to open this game application, it went pitch black and later there's an error box pop up telling me that there was missing files or something. I've tried extracting all the zip files content at in where my system was stored and nothing happens and the problem is still the same. Can anyone help me with this problem? Thanks in advance!

Hi i play this game for a few day, Good job and Keep up. I have problem with game

1. controller can you change/make it possible for keyboard player 

2. The settings for the game complete it please video/music/volume

That all Thanks you. I enjoy the game 

Game got few bugs, understandable since it's still is alpha stage. would be nice if I can customize my character. 

Also please provide audio volume setting. The music is too repetitive   and become boring at some point. I would like to play my own music playlist but the game's music cannot be mute.

Looking forward for more features.  

While the general gameplay feels rewarding and fun, the game seems to be losing momentum. However, I feel that the developers Could enhance this game a bit more to motivate us to continue to play. The biggest problem with this game is not the game mechanics, those are fun. The problem is that we don't feel a sense of accomplishment.

I really enjoyed this game, but there are a few things: I found a glitch where I couldn't walk up any hills,  the character just went through them. once, I walked into a small space, and my golem stayed where it was behind me, when I tried to turn around, the golem didn't move and I got stuck, this might be fixed by either giving the player the ability to push the golem out of their way, or maybe a command to tell the golem to back up.  other than that I liked the game, especially the blueprint system.