Police Sentri v0.1.12 is up!

Police Sentri v0.1.12 is up! (Android & PC)

Please update the game to enjoy the new features. You also need to have the same game version to play together.


Change log V0.1.12

- NEW! Player now can manually select Police/Robber/Random role in the game lobby.

- NEW! Added copy and paste room code button

- NEW! Added quick join button. Join a random open room quickly with this button.
- NEW! Added notification when the room is full or not found.

- NEW! Added in-game music when the game has started

- NEW! Gamepad controller is now supported with basic controls but the visuals is not yet implemented.

- NEW! Mac version is now available

- Fixed timer stopped when player(s) leave the room in the middle of the game

- Fixed moneybag doesn't respawn when robber drop the moneybag somewhere else

- Fixed speed bug when using boots

- Fixed sound/music slider percentage not accurately matched

- Item spawn duration reduced from 20s to 15s

- Name character limit now increased from 10 to 11

- Small visual update changes on map [Playground]

- Ads are now disabled in-game and only displayed on Create/Find room page


- Player who rejoin the same room later/late rejoin cannot see other players but others can see us.(Temporary fixed by restarting the apps)

- Player stuck at the lobby when the game has started

- Robber who has not been caught by the police sometimes trapped inside the prison

- Other player can join the game while in progress

We hope you enjoy the current version. Do please drop any feedback in the comment section.

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PoliceSentri_v0.1.12c.rar 22 MB
Mar 16, 2021
PoliceSentri_Mac_v0.1.12c.zip 26 MB
Mar 16, 2021

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nevermind i got it

I really want to play this game but when i download it i get an rar file and i dont know how to play it help please

tq for making this game, quite addictive , simple but enjoyable, can u guys add kick button i didn't find kick button

We are happy that you are enjoying the game. Thank you for the feedback. Kick option for host in the lobby will be added in the future updates.